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Poetry quotes and quotations

Most people ignore most poetry because most poetry ignores most people.
Adrian Mitchell

You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you.
Joseph Joubert

The courage of the Poet is to keep ajar the door that leads into madness.
Christopher Morley

Poets arent very usefulBecause they aren't consumeful or produceful..
Ogden Nash

The job of the poet is to render the world--to see it and report it without loss, without perversion. No poet ever talks about feelings. Only sentimental people do.
Mark Van Doren

morning: that first sapphire dome of glow.
C K Williams

It's easier to quote poets than to read them.
Allison Barrows, Preteena, 09-30-06
There exist only three beings worthy of respect: the priest, the soldier, the poet. To know, to kill, to create.
Charles Baudelaire

The freedom of poetic license.

A poem is no place for an idea.
Edgar Watson Howe

My poems are hymns of praise to the glory of life.
Edith Sitwell

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.
G. K. Chesterton

A poet more than thirty years old is simply an overgrown child.
H. L. Mencken

Many brave men lived before Agamemnon; but all are overwhelmed in eternal night, unwept, unknown, because they lack a sacred poet.

In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.
Paul Dirac

Poetry is the deification of reality.
Edith Sitwell

All slang is a metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry.
G. K. Chesterton

A poem is never finished, only abandoned.
Paul Valery

Every English poet should master the rules of grammar before he attempts to bend or break them.
Robert Graves

A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.
Robert Heinlein

A prose writer gets tired of writing prose, and wants to be a poet. So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose.
Samuel McChord Crothers

A poet ought not to pick nature's pocket. Let him borrow, and so borrow as to repay by the very act of borrowing. Examine nature accurately, but write from recollection, and trust more to the imagination than the memory.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A poet's hope: to be,
like some valley cheese,
local, but prized elsewhere.
W. H. Auden

The poet judges not as a judge judges but as the sun falling around a helpless thing.
Walt Whitman

A poet is someone who is astonished by everything.
Author Unknown

The worst tragedy for a poet is to be admired through being misunderstood.
Jean Cocteau

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You don't have to suffer to be a poet; adolescence is enough suffering for anyone.
John Ciardi

Poetry should please by a fine excess and not by singularity. It should strike the reader as a wording of his own highest thoughts, and appear almost as a remembrance.
John Keats

Poetry often enters through the window of irrelevance.
M. C. Richards

I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.
Oscar Wilde

Poetry is something more philosophical and more worthy of serious attention than history.
Author Unknown

Poetry is itself a thing of God; He made his prophets poets;and the more We feel of poesie do we become Like God in love and power,--under-makers.
Philip James Bailey

The poet is in the end probably more afraid of the dogmatist who wants to extract the message from the poem and throw the poem away than he is of the sentimentalist who says, "Oh, just let me enjoy the poem.".
Robert Penn Warren

For me, poetry is an impish attempt to paint the colour of the wind.
Maxwell Bodenheim

Poetry is the art of substantiating shadows, and of lending existence to nothing.
Edmund Burke

When you write in prose you say what you mean. When you write in rhyme you say what you must.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

'Twas he that ranged the words at random flung, Pierced the fair pearls and them together strung.
Bidpai (Pilpay)

You speak As one who fed on poetry.
Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton

For rhyme the rudder is of verses, With which, like ships, they steer their courses.
Samuel Butler (1)

For florid prose, nor honied lies of rhyme, Can blazon evil deeds, or consecrate a crime.
Lord Byron

For it is not metres, but a metre-making argument that makes a poem.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

For there is no heroic poem in the world but is at bottom a biography, the life of a man; also, it may be said, there is no life of a man, faithfully recorded, but is a heroic poem of its sort, rhymed or unrhymed.
Thomas Carlyle

In the hexameter rises the fountain's silvery column: In the pentameter aye falling in melody back.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Made poetry a mere mechanic art.
William Cowper

Feel you the barren flattery of a rhyme? Can poets soothe you, when you pine for bread, By winding myrtle round your ruin'd shed?
George Crabbe

Why then we should drop into poetry.
Charles Dickens

Prose--words in their best order;--poetry--the best words in their best order.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Doeg, though without knowing how or why, Made a still a blundering kind of melody; Spurr'd boldly on, and dash'd through thick and thin, Through sense and nonsense, never out nor in; Free from all meaning whether good or bad, And in one word, heroically mad.
John Dryden

The true poem is the poet's mind.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Poetry is what gets lost in translation.
John Fletcher

It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Poetry is truth dwelling in beauty.
Robert Gilfillan

It does not need that a poem should be long. Every word was once a poem.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Poetry is nothing but healthy speech.
Henry David Thoreau

Children and lunatics cut the Gordian knot which the poet spends his life patiently trying to untie.
Jean Cocteau

Poetry is not a profession, it is a destiny.
Mikhail Dudan

The finest poetry was first experience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh love will make a dog howl in rhyme.
John Fletcher

In poetry, you must love the words, the ideas and the images and rhythms with all your capacity to love anything at all.
Wallace Stevens

A prose writer gets tired of writing prose, and wants to be a poet. So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose.
Samuel Mcchord Crothers

A poem is true if it hangs together. Information points to something else. A poem points to nothing but itself.
E. M. Forster

No poems can please for long or live that are written by water drinkers.

Poetry is the art of uniting pleasure with truth.
Samuel Johnson

The poet is the priest of the invisible.
Wallace Stevens

Of trees I (Krishna) am the fig.
Bhagavad Gita

The poet is a liar who always speaks the truth.
Jean Cocteau

The poem is the point at which our strength gave out.
Richard Rosen

The poet... may be used as a barometer, but let us not forget that he is also part of the weather.
Lionel Trilling