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Awoke in Love

My friend once told me
Love is like a dream

Strewn rose petal pathways
And sand soft as cream

Blue green meadows
Sprinkled with dew

Whispering winds
That whisper How d'ya do's?

Tall oaks with plain shade
But enchanted lullaby's

Fruit full of flavor
Cornstalks and fireflies

I said plainly,
Tis truly a lie!

Till he picked me up gently
And we flew to the sky

I flew with him til
My cheeks were bright as day

When the moon came up slowly
The stars shooed the sun away

And soft as a breeze
My heart did flutter

When I stepped in the ocean
And slipped like as butter

For I fell in a reverie
Full of pixies and such

When Love did talk to me
And whispered, I love you this much.

I love you like cherries
That burst in your mouth,

I love you like wisteria
That blossom down South,

I love you like dolphins
Love to jump free,

I love you like tall pine
So high beyond that you can see,

I love you like a mountain
Loves to drink from the sky,

I love you as sweet gentle truth
That betrays the worst lie.

But as I crossed
The green hills so favored

It is that moment in choice
I will forever savor,

For as I awoke
In the morning divine

I saw all the beauties
In the bright sunshine

I awoke in love
And as I turned around

It was to see a smile
I have yet not found

For as love is as mystical
As mystical can be

It is my dream pleasant
That forever belongs to me.

MaryLynn Hingano

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