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Anniversary Poem

This poem has been written by Sapna for his brother Vijay and his wife Garima on their anniversary on 4th July 2009.

Happy Anniversary to both of U,

Who R one soul and body two,

Dipped in a love simply true.

It was love at first sight,

This touched the heart,

Straight from the eyes,

Turning your life more bright,

With a life partner absolutely right.

Life was like heaven,

In 2006, month of seven,

Made everything forgotten,

With every moment lighten.

Today, your union of three years,

Hold sweet memories of cheer,

Along with some shades of tears,

But never caught fear,

When found each other very near.

May god shower lots of blessings

With good and new things happening,

And fulfill each and every desire,

Without anything missing.

Sapna Golecha

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